More Music…Less Relevant

8 05 2007

Everytime I hear a radio station use the “More Music” line to brand their radio station I cringe. Not only does it say nothing about the radio station’s brand image but as more people discover other music services (satellite, cable, internet) and buy into the iPod boom the less “More Music” is a selling point. Your listener will say, “10 songs in a row?!?! I’ve got 10,000 in a row with no commercials!!”

Take those 10 seconds to tell him/her something more relevant, build your brand image.

Re-think your imaging. If you’re one of the thousands of station’s that still says you play “the most music”…step ahead of the crowd and make a bold image statement!

If you don’t know where to start…just ask your listeners why they listen…and maybe more importantly, why they come back!




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